Back from Florida

Posted: 25th April 2014 by buckheaddaddy in Uncategorized

I was recently down to Orlando for about 5 days visiting family after my recent medical issue.  BTW, I am doing great and I am horny as fuck!  I have been sucking dick like crazy, drinking gallons of cum, since I am not ready to bottom YET.  Oh, I plan to be back to my fun soon, and probably top more too.  I get a lot of requests for topping videos, so I will make some random ones where I fuck some hot young ass, and maybe a number of street boys.  I may even pay a few gay whores to breed my ass or take my load in theirs.  Nothing better than fucking.

While in Florida, I stopped at a local supermarket and met a hot 18 year old named Harrison.  He noticed my watch (I have a thing for expensive stuff–especially watches).  Before long, I had his young, virtually virgin, cock banging down my throat so deep my nose was in his pubes and my chin was massaging his nut sacks.  I licked his hot fuckhole, and over the course of several days drank a few loads of his boy juice to my satisfaction.



I Am Now Topping

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Recently I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  No STDs, nothing like that.  Totally free of any of those diseases.  But, with cancer I had to have surgery, and have not yet been cleared to bottom for a while.  Thankfully I can top,  but have to wait until some things heal.  I am not hung at all, but my “Mighty Moe” is quite thick and shoots gobs of cum.  I am doing fantastic, but I am still sore and healing.

Today I had one of my twinks contact me and he wanted to fuck.  A cute smooth bottom, I  invited one of my daddy friends to watch.  Neither wanted to make a fuck film, but at least I got a few pics out of it.  I  can’t wait to start topping, and hope some of my fans will contact me and let me give them my load up the ass!

Here is a pic of the duo today:

Back to My Blog

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I just got back from a 3 month tour of sex filled Europe.   Some of my fans have emailed me asking if I was OK and I am.  I went to Europe to fuck my brains out.  Spending three months with my ass up, or legs in the air–and hitting about every glory hole that side of the Atlantic, I came back with staggering numbers of the men and dicks I had had or serviced.  Wanna take a guess?  Well this slut daddy–now keep in mind this is over 3 months–had 403 cocks!  That averages about 5 cocks a day or 35 per week.  For a cock lover like me, I loved it!  But now I think I want to top more….give my seed back to eager bottom that want a bit of a short but fat daddy cock!  Hope to keep hearing from you guys!!

Public Sex Bareback Fuck

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Its been a few days since I posted here.  I have been so busy with work, and with my social life, I haven’t really had time to get on here. 

I have been such a whore this last week.  I got almost 25 loads in my ass.  Mostly prime, Black cock from New York Video.   Thats the place to go here in Atlanta if you like Black dick.   Those guys just want to fuck, and don’t stand around staring.  If you show interest in them, you can pretty well bet their dick will be up your ass giving you nice raw loads.  Even better its only $5 to get in the door.  Its not near Buckhead or Midtown, its out off of Fulton Industrial Blvd…where many str8  titty bars and such are located.

This past week I hit the spot everyday.  Not only did I get some hot dick up my ass, but I got some good piss to drink too.  The most fun was getting tag teamed by two Black guys.  Both were around 9 inches or more.  AND bot wanted me to lick their holes too.   Their musky, sweaty fuckholes were nice and fleshy.   One of the guys offered me a fresh turd to eat, but I told him I wasn’t into scat.  But his piss was really good!   It was over an hour of continuous Black cock in my ass….one would pull out and virtually instantly the other one was inside me.   Once they were done, another guy came in and seeded me too.  Older Black guy with a freakin arm sized dick….I felt like I was being fisted.

I finally left…my hole gaping open, cum dripping out and running down my balls and down my leg.  I hadn’t even cum after that…and I left craving more dick.

Cute Boy Sends His Pic

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I received an email today from a cute boy in Florida.  Among his email, he also sent a pic which he said I could show on my blog.  So here it is…. cute kid and nice ass!

Warning About New Escort Scam

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Escorts can be a great source of pleasure and convenience.  No doubt.  You can order the cutest boy, and the biggest cocks for virtually nothing nowadays.   Escorts vary, some are shady, some are upfront. Most are guarded because they fear you might be a cop, and are hesitant to send you pictures (as that may indicate you are offering sex) and such. 

But now there is a malicious organization that is trying to extort money out of you.  And here is how they work:

The put bogus ads on sites such as stating that they are an escort and offering services. It looks like a legit ad, with pictures and descriptions and the like.  They will tell you in the ad to text them and give you a number.  When you text them, they record your number, and send you a text message back in a few days that reads “ALERT! You are listed on XXX-xxx-xxxx (xxx being your number) for soliciting a prostitute online for sex.  Go to the above link to delete your profile.”  Once you go to the link online, they want either $200 or $400 to delete your profile.   And to delete your profile you have to give them a picture of you, and your address and other personal information.  RIGHT….SURE I AM.  It is complete extortion.  But being that they are an offshore company with an offshore server there is nothing the government here can do (even if you wanted to tell them lol).

But look closely at their site.  They have pictures of men that are supposed “johns”.  Notice that they are all forward facing such as in a mug shot?  Probable pics taken off of a registry somewhere. 

To detect these ads on the common escort websites:

  • Don’t respond to out of state area codes.
  • Pictures that are dark or fuzzy or grainy are a clue that they are a fake escort ad.
  • Look at other cities…and if you notice the same escort in another city, he is likely a fake escort and part of this con game.  If he shows up in Atlanta and Seattle, then you can suspect the ad is part of this extortion.

Other than getting your number and maybe a copy of your text message, they can’t get other information unless you give it to them.  IGNORE IT.  They will eventually financially dry up and go away.  DON”T SEND THEM ANY INFORMATION OR MONEY.  It is a bogus scam, and you should ignore them.

Hope this helps for all of you that enjoy escorts.

A Night of Pure Sin

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I started my night at FLEX, a local bath house.  It was in the 20s here, very cold, and the clientele at the bath house was small.  That was a good thing, as there were few bottoms taking loads there.  I stayed for a few hours, and after satisfying 5 hungry cocks with my ass, I left and went to Inserection, another sex club across town.   It was much busier, but I still got what I wanted.  I attached a pic below.  Still craving cock and cum, I hired an escort to finish off the evening.  I young blond guy, 19 years old.  I attached his pic and his ass pic which I rimmed for a long time.  I was exhausted.  But I was satisfied.




The Buckhead Daddy Fuck Show

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I met up with a 20 year old today who wanted to have some fun with me.  So we went to this adult video booth place called Southern Nights, and put on a sex show for the horned men who were there.  We made it appear that we didn’t know each other and just met, and I started giving him head and it escalating into an all-out bareback fucking.  It was hot as guys stood around jacking their cocks and watched.  He was a cute boy, great body and big dick.  I had never met him before and here are his pics that he sent.  Hope to fuck with him again soon.

Good Fucking “Escort”

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His name was Keith.  A young 20 year old “straight” hustler.  I met him online looking for a good bare fucking.  He sent me these pics, and in person he was much cuter than in the pics.  He had lost the goatee.  But his young monster cock was an ass breaker, let me tell you.  It was one of those dicks that hurts a little at first, then is totally addictive once inside you.  And he came like a fucking fire plug spigot.    His sweet boy ass was tasty, and his piss was good too.  Well worth the cash.

Inserection Fuck

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Tonight I took loads at Inserection.  I had this top take a pic for me.  Here it is of me getting seeded.